Today is the day of Mr Drumpf’s beer hall putsch.
It is the clumsy but infinitely dangerous attempt at a banana republic coup d’etat. Fortified by the presence of Mein Kampf on his night table but feebled by his pathology of narcissism, Mr. Drumpf will attempt one last time to delink the vote from the fundamentals of the Republic.
Undeterred by the slap on the hand he got when he was impeached for a similar offense, this past weekend, he tried again to strong arm innocent bystanders into his bid to short circuit a fair election.
Once again the National Party of Bootlickers rushed to his rescue and renewed their pledge of allegiance to the flag of despotism and the fascist cause.
The much vaunted Constitution is dangling by a single thread in the midst of a hurricane of treason. As the nation holds its breath, the capitol gets surrounded by a mob of brownshirts carrying torches and weapons of war that they claim the Constitution grants them to avert a takeover by a despot.
How did it come to this? How did we let this happen?
A thing like this does not happen in a vacuum. Just like the German people let the third Reich happen, America is responsible for letting it get this far over here. Be it through distraction, neglect, abandonment of our common ideals, mercantilism, thirst for war, parochialism, shortchanging of the commons, racial misconception or worse, casual submission to fantasy, lies and deception, America can not escape responsibility for its own undoing. It is time for a sober self-evaluation. Do we really want self rule? Or would we rather be told what to do from above? With all the undemocratic talk I hear, with a scary proportion of politicians offering their leashes to the despot and just about half the population apparently eager for autocratic rule, I wonder if the Republic can survive. Or, would it just be better to break up the Union on the basis of who is fine with dictatorial rule, and who prefers Liberty.
Our very own beer hall putsch is underway. Will we put the treasonous viper in jail or, will we let the process play out and wind up in our very own 1933, when it was too late to put the genie back in the bottle?

Belgian-American heretic, optimist-cynic, and grandfather. Here to pour lubricating insights onto the rusted machinery of American political dialogue.