It is clear to me now that the Republican Party has become nothing more than a front for Libertarian thinking.
And it is also clear that we have the privilege of witnessing in real time the end battle royal of an 87 year long campaign to undo the New Deal.

No block of legislation has had a more beneficial influence on American life.
No law has been more influential in shifting the center of gravity away from the fortuned few to a broad majority of Americans.
If the goal of nationhood is to make life better for as large a segment…

Today is the day of Mr Drumpf’s beer hall putsch.
It is the clumsy but infinitely dangerous attempt at a banana republic coup d’etat. Fortified by the presence of Mein Kampf on his night table but feebled by his pathology of narcissism, Mr. Drumpf will attempt one last time to delink the vote from the fundamentals of the Republic.
Undeterred by the slap on the hand he got when he was impeached for a similar offense, this past weekend, he tried again to strong arm innocent bystanders into his bid to short circuit a fair election.
Once again the National Party of…

Augustus Van Looey; BB

Belgian-American heretic, optimist-cynic, and grandfather. Here to pour lubricating insights onto the rusted machinery of American political dialogue.

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